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Its time to eat


O. The elemental abbreviation of oxygen, inspired to create O Café Add two atoms of oxygen. Add two atoms of oxygen and we have breathable air. You can say that it is this compound that makes us different from all aliens and their homes. Throw in an atom of hydrogen and boom! Life on earth, as we know it is born. It is from this idea of life that we took inspiration and O Café graced Dubai!

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Oxygen. Aqua. Earth. Life.

The soul of O Café rests on these four core thoughts. At the epicenter of its existence is the sustenance for all life: food. With a healthy lifestyle at its crux, O Café brings to you what matters the most: delicious flavorful food that caters the perfect balance to your diet.

At O Café, we believe that abs are made in the kitchen. With fresh ingredients, top-notch chefs and an ideal location right next to our gym, Fitness 101 by IGO, we have all you need to get the best out of your workouts.

O Café is located in Fitness 101, which is a part of the Invest Group Overseas’ growing network of investment opportunities.

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